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I now find it weird to see shows from an epoch (in this case, 1969 [Britain]) when it was acceptable in any kind of professional context to use the word "girl" in reference to a woman over the age of 20. And of course it doesn't matter if she's the moonbase commander, she's still the one who's expected to make the coffee/tea when Straker or whoever walks into the room.

It's particularly weird when a given storyline is clearly attempting (in some completely pathetic manner) to address sexism/racism/etc issues. Apparently, Gerry did have thoughts about this stuff, though the resulting episodes have a certain missing-the-forest-for-the-trees quality to them.

Just about everybody smokes cigars all over the place.

Lots of flared pants and funky sideburns.

Lots of views of Col. Foster's chest hair ("Rug", I tell you, "Rug, rug, rug!")

1980 ... 1980 ... 1980 ...

Suffice it to say, this show has, shall we say, not aged very well. It does bother me a bit that this is all very likely to look as bizarre to a 90s kid as the Flash Gordon serials look to my generation.

It apparently also took Gerry a few episodes to get used to the idea that he had live actors now.

One of the outtakes is SID singing "Home on the Range". This was a good cut.

Moonbase babes with metallic outfits and purple hair? Still works for me.
I guess Sylvia just had an instinct for these things.
And they definitely got to do a lot more than Uhura ever did.

And "Mindbender" is still a classic episode.
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