wRog (wrog) wrote,

Today's GenderFail Atrocity

After Wm's swimming lesson today at the community Pool, when we were in the locker room getting him back into his clothes, I remembered emmacrew telling me about this wonderful little centrifuge device they had there, basically like a mini-washer that just does the spin cycle. You put bathing suit and towel in, and some small number of seconds later they're almost completely dry.

So here I was with sopping wet swimsuit and towel looking around for this thing and not finding it, so I ask.
Staffguy:  "Oh, um, we only have those in the women's locker room."


Staffguy:  "If we put one in on the men's side, we're worried someone'll put a milkshake in it or something. You know how boys are."

Me:  "Because girls will never do that sort of thing."

I think I need to learn how to speak with a more obvious verbal-irony font.

(Cue discussion on how this is exactly like being propositioned by creepy dude in the elevator at 3am at <pick-your-favorite-sfcon>)
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