wRog (wrog) wrote,

brief Disney hits (a.k.a. musings on World Size)

  • I know that it's not actually profoundly unique to have a continuous slightly-less-than-1200-mile strip of asphalt and concrete connecting one's driveway with Disneyland. Still weird to actually experience it. Thank you, Rome, for coming up with the whole idea...

    (Doubtless, the more unusual thing these days is to not have such a connection; and there are actually a number of islands around here that one can live on to achieve that; but suffice it to say, we didn't pick one of those...)

  • also amazes me just how much having a GPS ipad along really changes the game. "Okay, where's a nice, non-Denny/Applebee place to have lunch in the next 100 miles? Break out teh Google!..." Nor does one lose any time due to stupid, difficult-to-find locations; yay satellite map.

  • JMS (creator of Babylon 5) missed an opportunity — arguably the same goes for Roddenbury and everyone else who depicts a future Earth under a common government, except that Star Trek never had any actual scenes of EarthGov (not to be confused with Star Fleet / Federation HQ) in action, and I figure this is more JMS's style anyway:
    We just need a scene of some cermonial proceeding in Geneva,
    where it's time to rise for the Earth Alliance anthem,
    followed by a quick cut to a side room where some
    last-minute deal is concurrently being worked out,
    where you can hear a few measures in the background,
    and it's an over-the-top anthem-style arrangement of that song....

  • Speaking of That Ride, evidently one of the casualties of the 2009 rebuild was that they did away with the modulations. It's now All G Major All The Time ...bad enough that I might actually prefer the Christmas version now. Shoot me. (...and good luck with cobbling together enough absolute-pitch people [i.e., those who have a snowball's chance in hell of caring about this] for a petition drive; oh well...)
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