wRog (wrog) wrote,

hardware question

so I've decided I need a relay. The ideal/stupidest/most-versatile version I can think of would be a power strip that
  • plugs into the wall
  • has one or more outlets on it, and
  • has a USB cable coming out of it
the basic idea being that once I plug the USB cable into my computer, I then have a remote means of turning the strip power on and off.

Embellishments would include being able turn the various outlets on and off separately and the usual array of safety features like having the USB circuit optically isolated, so that if Something Bad happens with the wall power or one of the devices plugged into the strip (develops a short or whatever), nothing bad happens to my computer via the USB line.

I cannot imagine that I'm the first person ever to have thought of this. And, given the vagaries of certain devices I've had to deal with, notably DSL modems, that just periodically need to be power cycled just because, I cannot imagine how any IT shop or network outpost would retain its sanity without something like this to give them the ability to power cycle things remotely.

I know it has to exist. My only worry is that it's so simple it's only available as part of some more complex, hugely expensive thing that I don't need.

So what is it called?
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