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Today's dig

Lake Forest Park

Which is it?

A park associated with Lake Forest?
Or with the lake forest (i.e., "lake" disambiguating one of several forests)?
Or maybe there's a forested park that happens to have a lake named for it?
Or "park" disambiguates a particular forest and the lake is named for that?
Or "park" is disambiguating between several lake forests? or forest lakes?

Never mind that the actual entity in question is neither a lake, nor a forest, nor a park, but rather a city (*).

This has been driving me batshit.

(New rule: Maximum of one (1) noun in place names. Yes, I know, being able to use two nouns is occasionally useful, but you've now abused that privilege; too bad).

(*) which is to say "city" in that stupid Western sense where anything that has any sort of local government at all qualifies even if the only inhabitants are a dog and two cactuses, but don't get me started on that...
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