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(...for the 3 or 4 people who read my journal but not emmacrew's...)

sort of weird to be driving along pondering the notion of trading in one's car for something newer,

... which, I should note, is something I pretty much never used to consider -- my parents' habit of holding onto cars until they Die the Final Death has been deeply ingrained; because, of course, that's the thrifty thing to do if you've been really conscientious about keeping them serviced and really lucky with having in the first place gotten a make/model/year that was actually designed to last a long time vs. fall apart in five years anyway (never mind that my parents were diehard GM fans during an era when GM cars were absolutely Teh Suck in terms of maintenance/durability, and it took them a long time to discover Toyota et al...).

Of course the other aspect of this is that I just totally hate the process of buying/selling cars, the need to dicker, etc...

Probably the easiest car-selling experience I ever had was the time my 82 Supra got stolen. Pretty much ideal circumstances for a sale: buyer (i.e., State Farm) obligated to purchase it sight-unseen, no car present to inspect, that it was 12 years old with Very Annoying cooling system problems was all irrelevant given the circumstances, they just wrote out a check which was most likely more money than I ever would have gotten trying to sell it myself, and that was that. Three days later, the car was found. The only thing that really sucked about it was losing the cassette tapes (the thieves evidently did not share my taste in music), tshirts, and other random personal-value things that happened to be in the car at the time it was stolen. (... short story is that somebody took it for a joyride, lived in it for a month or so and then abandoned it in Kent -- it's really odd because the car had this big obvious patch on it painted in yellow primer that made it readily identifiable, and the reason the thieves weren't caught right away was because they actually took the trouble to paint over the quarter panel with the correct shade of brown. It was quite an impressive paint job actually; worth enough for a few weeks of car rental, really. If we'd known in advance, we could have just made the arrangement and I'd still have my cassette tapes. I should also note that They also added lots of homey touches, a fur lining for the steering wheel, fancy seat covers, extra syringe cases. In a way, it's quite odd the amount of love people can put into a car, even if it might not be one that they actually own, in the strictly legal sense of the word...)

In any case, it seemed fairly unlikely that this particular solution would present itself a second time, but there might yet be other ways to induce an insurance company to buy one's vehicle...

... at which point I started to turn the corner and wham.

... at which point I'm like, oh wow, somebody just hit us,
and it's not my fault,
so yay, sit back and enjoy the ride,
... oh wow we're not quite making the turn after all,
... oh wow we're running over the center island,
... oh wow, we're knocking down a tree,
and we're clipping the back end of that pickup truck,
and now we've stopped moving.

Not quite Pirates of the Carribbean, but certainly more interesting then simply coming out of one's apartment on a Saturday morning to notice that one's parking space is unexpectedly empty.

Other advantages of this particular method
  • get a really good lj userpic out of it
  • get to keep the cassettes/CDs this time, or at least the ones that didn't get smushed too badly, fortunately I don't seem to have the habit of keeping CDs in the trunk
  • get to see what an airbag looks like
  • overall resolution seems to be faster, or at least, I don't have to wait the month or so for the thieves to get tired of living in my car and/or for the insurance folks to give up on it being found
so,... seems to be an all-around win.

... well okay, there does seem to be this Small Matter of, well, having everyone be able to walk away without any real injuries, which I suspect tends to be difficult to arrange in most cases, and which, I suppose, needs to be addressed before I can honestly recommend this particular method of car-trading to anyone. Oh well...
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