wRog (wrog) wrote,

BSG 3.20: Continuity is Hard

If you really have written yourself into a corner, just go ahead and do the frigging Bobby-Ewing-steps-out-of-the-shower scene already.

We won't mind. Honest.

I could perhaps accept for now that they think they're Cylons.

But if it actually turns out that they are Cylons in the same sense as Sharon, Six, et al -- which, I might remind, is pretty much the only official sense right now in which one can be a Cylon, solarbird's Cylons for Workgroups vs. Cylons NT vs. Cylons Vista being still just a theory at this point — well,... sorry, but we'd be solidly in Retcon Territory then:

Remember the pilot?

Remember Ragnarok Station and the wonky radiation that was eating away at Leoben and Doral?
Really eating away at them?
As in hair-falling-out-ants-crawling-up-my-insides-oh-my-god-get-me-out-of-here eating away at them?

Remember how Tigh and Tyrol were both there?
... on screen a fair amount of the time actually Doing Stuff...
... on the station itself?

Did we see them similarly deteriorating in that sequence?


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