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Elected. Officials. Lounge 
4th-Oct-2006 05:49 pm
party politics
Preliminary results have been announced in this nail-biting electoral contest, and it looks like yours truly managed to squeeze out another,... um,... not-so-narrow electoral victory.

And congratulations to llachglin, proud resident of what is evidently Zombie Precinct -- let the record show that he appears to have gotten nearly twice as many votes as I did.

(Naturally, none of this has been officially certified yet, nor has it been officially determined that we both passed the 10% threshold. Then again the idea that, e.g., 200 additional people suddenly moved into my precinct in the last year without my noticing, and absolutely everybody showed up and chose to do a Democratic ballot and all left the PCO space blank, is well... rather decidedly into the realm of Monkeys Will Fly Out of My Butt...)
5th-Oct-2006 02:29 am (UTC)
I'm not even a Democrat, and I know several of these names:

Chad Lupkes -- works on SeattleWiki, gave me pointed "why don't you volunteer looks" repeatedly during one caucus in 2004 and every time I had to remind him I could not participate owing to citizenship differences;

Bob Ferguson -- Councilmember
Rodney Tom -- Republican defector, running for State Something or Other
Carolyn Edmonds -- former Councilmember
Scott White -- Council dude;
Kirstin Haugen -- YMCA instructor; former aide to Bob Ferguson
Julie Anne Kempf -- one time Assistant Elections Director, King County
Patricia Boiko -- 1967 "Jeopardy!" contestant
Dick Kelley, Lynne Dodson -- 43rd District State Rep candidates in primary
Tim Nuse won two precincts! Wow!
5th-Oct-2006 05:23 am (UTC)
Tim Nuse won two precincts! Wow!
given that 1437 has over 400 registered voters (never mind the vast majority probably being Democrats), it's pretty much impossible that 1 vote would have been enough to win it. Anyway, looks like a mistake to me (you're not supposed to be registered in 2 precincts at once anyway).
5th-Oct-2006 06:29 pm (UTC)

Maybe there are more Democrats in my precinct. When I voted at about 7:30, I think I was the 154th person to vote. That means the zombie rating is around 50% or a bit more (I received 83 votes).

So...what do I do now? Do I have to contact the party to get PCO info, or do they send stuff automatically, or am I on my own? I expect that they at least have a list of registered voters that I can use, right? How disorganized are the King County Democrats, anyway?
5th-Oct-2006 06:32 pm (UTC)
Wait, that zombie rating assumes everyone in the precinct voted for Democrats, which is highly unlikely, particularly since I suspect that tinlail voted either non-partisan or Republican and he's in my precinct.
5th-Oct-2006 10:17 pm (UTC)
Well, if you want to be sneaky, you could, say, go to their meeting tonight

Otherwise, I'm sure they'll be attempting to get in touch with you, if they have any sense.
5th-Oct-2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
How disorganized are the King County Democrats, anyway?
Note that King County Democrats and 1st LD Democrats are two separate organizations. You're a member of both (or rather, you'll be a member of both starting December 1).

KC Dems is a fairly large operation (King County being 1 million registered voters, roughly 30% of the state, that also happen to include the most heavily Democratic areas), so large in fact that they pretty much never have general meetings, which, with over 900 PCOs, tend to be an expensive proposition. Usually, there's just the reorg meeting in January and then the county convention sometime in spring of '08, both of which tend to have a certain circuslike quality, as you've already seen.

Most of the real KCDCC business is done in the monthly executive board meetings -- and it looks like you actually have a decent shot to get on that if you want to, seeing as most of the 1st district and, hence, most of the 1st District PCOs are actually in Snohomish County.

In a nutshell: Your district gets to send the KCDCC board two delegates and two alternates (male/female for each). If the district chair lives in King County (your current one does not, as far as I can tell), then s/he will be one of the delegates, otherwise it's vote for two out of the 4 male and 6 female King County 1st District PCOs available. (And sometimes these things just fall to whoever has time to go to them.)

The 1st LD organization is, of course, its own entity with its own officers and meetings. District orgs vary widely in terms of participation and resources available. There are the seriously gonzo nutcase ones like the 43rd (Capitol Hill, UDistrict, Wallingford, Madison Park) that pull in $30K/year and have PCOs for nearly every precinct. And then there are the ones in the deeply rural areas that can barely scrape together anything at all. Looking at the PCO fill rate and the PDC C4 reports, the 1st seems to be down at the weaker end of the spectrum, which seems surprising for what appears to be a heavily Democratic area. My guess is they'll be happy to have you.
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