wRog (wrog) wrote,

Elected. Officials. Lounge

Preliminary results have been announced in this nail-biting electoral contest, and it looks like yours truly managed to squeeze out another,... um,... not-so-narrow electoral victory.

And congratulations to llachglin, proud resident of what is evidently Zombie Precinct -- let the record show that he appears to have gotten nearly twice as many votes as I did.

(Naturally, none of this has been officially certified yet, nor has it been officially determined that we both passed the 10% threshold. Then again the idea that, e.g., 200 additional people suddenly moved into my precinct in the last year without my noticing, and absolutely everybody showed up and chose to do a Democratic ballot and all left the PCO space blank, is well... rather decidedly into the realm of Monkeys Will Fly Out of My Butt...)
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