wRog (wrog) wrote,

irony much?

I have, in the past, remarked on the utility of allowing documents to be revised by completely random people in a 1000-person convention session submitting arbitrary amendments from the convention floor and of any document that might be produced by such a process, i.e., if you find some suitably soft paper to print it on, then there's a chance it'll turn out to be useful after all.

In other news, you may have been following -- though emmacrew tends to blog about this more than I do -- the ongoing story of a certain child of ours who, among other things, stubbornly remains unclear on certain concepts relating to #2 (he mastered #1 a while ago), notably
  • actually getting it in the pot
  • what to wipe with; the tendency being to use anything readily available in the immediate vicinity
The final piece of the puzzle would be how, sometime within the past 6 months, a copy of the 2006 King County Democratic Platform (all 20-some-odd pages of it) found its way into our bathroom ... and how, sometime today,...
... well
... let's just say that it indeed turned out to be useful after all.
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