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another era ends

Just filled out my last 1099INT form, today.

And to think that last year at about this time I was this close --><-- to applying for a transmission ID so I could do these things electronically.

The 1098/1099 series paper forms are a huge pain because, since it's normally Big Business folks that do these rather than Ordinary Mortals, the IRS puts a huge emphasis on making them machine readable as opposed to making them easy to fill out. So, for one thing, you can't just download them or print them out from TurboTax; the blank forms are done in Special Ink on Special Paper; you have to physically get them from the IRS. And then they really, really, really prefer having them filled in by printing or typing. And since I haven't owned a typewriter for 10 years, well,... to me that means loading blank forms into the printer and using Stupid Postscript Tricks to get the numbers into the right places. Whee.

Of course, having the electronic account set up would have been completely silly, because I only had the one form to file.

Naturally, for this year there were five to do (one to the original lender, then one to executor of the lender's estate, and then he had to turn around and do a nominee distribution to the other 3 heirs). That was fun.

Unfortunately, since the loan in question is now paid off, that's probably going to be it for my 1099 Issuing Days.

Yet more tax/accounting knowledge to stuff into that file drawer next to my Cool Algorithm for Keeping Track of ESPP Lot Bases in the Face of Multiple Arbitrary Stock Splits (can we say "relic of the '90s"?) and other stuff that I'm not likely to be needing any time soon.

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