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on technology

"Technology" is a mass noun

If you are able to make fire or build a hydrogen bomb then you unarguably have technology. One may also respectably argue that those who can accomplish the latter have more technology than those who can only do the former.

Now it may be that you have techniques, skills, devices, patents, libraries, tools, tricks (or bags thereof). You may also be wanting to sell products that make use of one or more of these. You may even have dozens of techniques, skills, etc... available for you to use, just as you can have a dozen eggs in your refrigerator.

But you cannot have a dozen "technologies", any more than you can have a dozen "waters" or a dozen "moneys",... or at least, not unless you want to call attention to your own situation of being a marketing weenie desperately trying to make something sound cool.

Here endeth the lesson.
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