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I just noticed how the Where Were You When... quiz is a whole bunch of late-80s and 90s events plus the JFK assassination. That's a rather dead giveaway that it was written by some Gen-Y kid who just threw in the JFK thing to catch the Old People. (I'll also guess it was a PNW person, since the Nisqually quake wasn't really national news).

I mean, c'mon. What about

13. The Apollo 11 moon landing (7/20/1969)
We were vacationing at my great aunt's cottage on Lake Michigan near Ludington. Her TV barely worked; the sound was sortof ok, but the picture kept going out. Very, very, very annoying.
14. Phase One (8/15/1971)
A Republican president announces wage and price controls to tame a "runaway" inflation rate of 4.5%. If you thought the stink over GHWBSr violating his silly "read my lips no new taxes" pledge was bad, that was nothing compared to this. And of course, little did they know what was coming (inflation got to 13% in 1980). My dad was incredibly pissed; he'd been overdue for a raise for quite some time.
15. The fall of Allende (9/11/1973)
Well all right, this was a big deal for us because my dad grew up in Chile, my grandparents had just "escaped" a few months earlier, and my uncle was a senior executive at a copper mining company whose assets there has just been nationalized. Lots of phone calls. We all breathed a sigh of relief that Chile wasn't going to be lost to the Communists like Cuba.
My uncle later had this 'funny' story about having to fly down to Miami in the middle of the night to deliver a special suitcase to some random people; naturally, he didn't dare look inside it.
16. The Yom Kippur attack (10/6/1973)
My 7th grade social studies teacher (yes, she was Jewish) was completely devastated. We all sat around in class in stunned silence that morning, figuring Israel was toast. I didn't find out about Nixon pulling the covers off the silos (when the Soviets threatened to intervene to save the Egyptian army) until years later.
17. Nixon announcing his resignation (8/8/1974)
It was horrifying; there was such foul language on those tapes. Politicians weren't supposed to talk like that. No, really.
18. The fall of Saigon (4/29/1975)
Glued to the TV, you better believe it.
19. The takeover of the US embassy in Iran (11/4/1979)
This was a big deal, too, but I don't remember where I was for it (aside from being a college freshman). Though once Cronkite hit on the idea of ending every broadcast with "and so ends the <n>-th day of the captivity of the American hostages in Iran", I knew then that Carter was finished.
20. Outbreak of the First Gulf War (9/22/1980)
I happened to be taking a politics course that semester (silly distributive requirements): International Relations. The instructor was something of a specialist on the Middle East. He was sure it would all be over in a few weeks.
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