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more WA primary fun 
15th-Jul-2005 04:53 pm
Judge Tosses Top-Two Primary.

Louisiana-style is out, so we're back to doing everything Montana-style (vote one party or the other, choice of party is kept seekrit). Hopefully, KC Elections hadn't started retooling everything yet.

Somebody is clearly making the wrong arguments. Defendants (WA state and the Grange) should have said, "Look, it's just as if we're having the general in September with a runoff in November." There's no way that should be unconstitutional as violating the rights of the parties (remember, the state bears the cost of running the primary, so one could argue that this is not actually a party function at all -- don't call the primary winners "nominees" and you're done).
16th-Jul-2005 09:47 pm (UTC)
I accidentally lost my first attempt to comment on this.

If we can't have an open primary or a reasonable fascimile (and the Montana primary doesn't count), we should just get rid of state-funded primaries entirely and leave it up to the parties.

I also think we should do more to allow for independent and third parties to participate in the general election, but I'm not going to type out my ideas again after having them be eaten by LJ the first time.
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