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yay, smoke-filled rooms 
13th-Apr-2005 05:32 pm
party politics
(a.k.a. Parties Just Suck sometimes)

Mark your calendar:

The 2005 King County Democratic Convention is scheduled for June 28. If you have any input into who you want nominated for your county council seat or for county executive, tell your Precinct Committee Officer (or, better yet, become one), because we're the ones who actually get to vote on this.

"But wait, nominations?" you ask, "Don't we have a Louisiana-style top-two primary now?" Good question, that.

As it happens, both the Democratic and Republican parties -- the Libertarians missed their threshold last time around, so they're not a major party in this state anymore -- have now decided that the law as currently written -- and I guess this includes Scalia's majority opinion that basically said that the major parties are really private organizations that can do whatever the hell they want -- allows them to choose their candidates in nominating conventions, completely bypassing the new primary system. Thus, even though there will be a primary in September and the top two coming out of it will go on to the November general, that won't necessarily have anything to do with who the Democratic and Republican nominees on the general ballot will be. Meaning, I guess, that the general ballot could now have up to 4 people on it...
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