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Yeah, I know it made the Caldecott list .. 
26th-Nov-2004 02:38 pm
you try reading it twenty billion times
All the world is asleep
except for the paperboy and his dog
and this is the time when they are the happiest
they will ever be.

But little by little
the world around them wakes up,
the stars and the moon fade away
and the skies become orange and pink
with the glow of nuclear devastation
just over the horizon

And when the paperboy has delivered his last newspaper ever
he and his dog race home.
And his empty red bag flaps behind him
in the cold radioactive morning air.
Soon they are back home.

It is still dark inside
but the sounds of morning are all around
His father and mother are awake
and snuggling softly in their bed,
and his sister is downstairs
watching the civil defense bulletins.

And back inside his own room
the paperboy pulls down his shade
crawls back into his bed,
puts his head between his knees
and kisses his ass goodbye

And while all of the world is waking up for the last time
the paperboy is going back to sleep
and his dog is sleeping, too.
Their work is done

and now is the time for dying.
I'll note, by the way, that this interpretation is reasonably well supported by the artwork.

And of course Philip doesn't seem to have any trouble at all spotting the additions...
27th-Nov-2004 10:53 am (UTC)

As one who has heard that book more times than should reasonably be expected for a childess adult, I find that very very funny.
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