wRog (wrog) wrote,

ahhhhh DSL.

So, last night, the Speakeasy web page was looking very much as if they think they've done everything they need to do to bring my connection up... modulo this small matter that The Modem still hasn't arrived.


I have a filter,
I have the modem the IInet/Covad folks sold me 4 years ago (currently sitting on the brown pair (their leased line), forlornly waiting for a PPP response from the far end ... still nothing two weeks after the IInet folks said they were going to escalate things on the Covad side)

I move said old modem over to the orange pair (originally used for the now-4-years-defunct second POTS line), install the filter so that all the phones on the blue pair are behind it and the raw signal's going to the orange pair, switch on the modem, and lo and behold, the DSL and ATM lights are turning green,

PPPoE status is still confused --- no surprise there, since it only knows my IInet username/passwd.
But it occurs to me to try putting the modem back in bridge mode, and giving a machine the IP address/netmask/gateway I'm supposed to have,

And suddenly I'm getting ping responses from Stanford.

Which leads me to believe that something vaguely resembling a bridged circuit has indeed been installed on my main phone line.

To which I say something like, "Yesssssss!".

Talking to them today, it turns out my modem has completely wrong VPI/VCI numbers (0/35 where Speakeasy says it should be 1/143 --- does anybody know what these numbers actually mean?), but for some reason I'm still getting a usable connection at roughly the speed I was expecting. And when I try to change it to 1/143, I lose. WTF? And the new modem was sent to the wrong address; it'll be here in 1-3 days.

Oh well. It works, I'm not going to mess with it any more.

Just one last little "Uh, you lose," call to IInet and we're done, I think.

And ipomoea.org should be available again, for those of you who might care. Wheee.
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