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Stupid fucking banks, kill them all. 
21st-Nov-2002 04:05 am
So let's see,
  • if you schedule a periodic automatic funds transfer for the first of the month, that actually means it's okay for us to wait until the 4th to deposit the money. N.B. 11/1/2002 was not a holiday. (Thank you, Smith-Barney.)
  • if you schedule an automatic mortgage payment to be withdrawn on the 2nd and the 2nd is a Saturday, well hey, we tried. And of course trying it again a few days later would be completely pointless. Also, we're not going to bother to tell you that the transfer failed until 3 weeks later, when you're technically in default. (Thank you, Washington Mutual)
I guess you can probably see where this is headed.
(Deleted comment)
21st-Nov-2002 01:11 pm (UTC)
of course there is this Small Matter of why I even still have a 7% mortgage (what with money markets paying <1%, munis paying 4-5%, and the stock market paying about -20%)
22nd-Nov-2002 03:51 pm (UTC)
Washington Mutual is basically satan. Our homeloan is through them, we have automatic debit for our mortgage. They said we could change it at any time from the 5th, to the 10th or 15th if we ask in writing. OK. Well, now we're in construction and everyone drafts payment on the 10th. So, write the snail mail letter & send it off. They write back, OOPS, sorry they can't do that. Well, thanks assholes!
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