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my first electoral contest

I have to say, there's something funky about filling out a ballot that has my name on it.

I mean a real ballot that's all official/scantronic and has real offices on it like Governor or State Attorney General or Senator. Meaning I am on the same page with Patty Murray, Dave Ross, Mark Sidran, et al.

And there's even a little oval next to my name. All I have to do is take the pen, fill it in, and ...

Voilà, I just voted for myself.  W00h00! I am L33T!

I probably won, too, since I was running unopposed.

(since it's just Precinct Committee Officer and, evidently, none of the other folks in my precinct who would ever dare to publically admit to being Democrats got off their butts back in July to turn in the form and pay the ($1) filing fee, never mind that the precinct is only around 300 registered voters, of whom 80+% stayed home, and after you cross off the Republicans, well,... figure there were probably fewer people voting in this particular race than when I ran for 8th Grade Class Treasurer back in 1975. But hey, I'll take what I can get).

Granted, it's possible somebody started up a concerted write-in campaign at the last minute; you never know. In any case, I'm guessing any official notification is some days off.

Anyway, that was cool. $1 well spent.
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