wRog (wrog) wrote,

ER fun

[...Continued from here and here...]

So we got her to the ER a little after 6. The initial questioning/tests were enough for them "not to be able to rule out" appendicitis, so the next step was a CAT scan, which takes 2+ hours because you have to swallow this barium "contrast" stuff and it has to work its way through the system. I used the opportunity to take Earth 2.0 Program Manager over to his grandma's (there was a baby crying in one of the other wards and it was freaking him out) and grab a bit of dinner.

It actually took them 4 1/2 hours to get around to doing the scan, plus another half hour to get results back. I guess that's not bad on the overall scale of how confused ERs can potentially get. The envelope, please...
Appendix definitely swollen but not ruptured, which I guess puts things firmly in the "routine appendicitis" category. Not an urgent matter, but it may as well come out now as later. Time to put her on antibiotics and see when the OR is going to be available.
At which point I leave to relieve grandma; sure would be nice if P. could just spend the night there but unfortunately he still doesn't quite grasp the concept of Grandma's House as a place to sleep, so he just continues the bundle-of-energy act for about 3 hours past the time she usually goes to bed.

Naturally, he conks out the moment we get onto I-90.

Latest word is an actual room has been assigned now, so she's not hanging out down in the ER anymore. If whoever was on surgery duty could fit it in, they were going to do it tonight, but as of the last phonecall (12:30am) she still didn't know, which I'm guessing means tomorrow morning. Hospitals are so much fun.

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