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Enough of this crap; I want my House back. 
29th-Jun-2004 05:42 pm
End of the quarter coming up tomorrow. I figured today would be an excellent day to send out donations to a whole mess of close House races all across the country.

Actually, tomorrow would also be an excellent day, too, just in case anyone else was thinking about doing this. I'm guessing I may be in a mood for more of this after I see Fahrenheit 911.

For some reason I'm now reminded of my last visit to Hanauma Bay, standing in the water, squirting the fish food out of the plastic bottles. We'll see how it goes.

So now, of course, I'm getting calls from the VISA security people
("So, uh, what's with all of these random payments in amounts of $nnn.01? Did somebody steal your card today?"
"No, those are all real. The .01 is so the DailyKos folks get credit for them."
"Oh, okay."
"But thanks for asking.")

Totalling things up, I see that I've now given more money to political campaigns in the past 3 hours than in all the preceding 20 years (and that's including in the latter what I sent to Howard Dean last fall). What exactly that might be a measure of, you can pretty well guess.

30th-Jun-2004 12:40 pm (UTC)
I wondered what that conversation was about.

Go us.
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