wRog (wrog) wrote,

you do NOT want to read this

Ten years ago yesterday, Kurt Cobain committed suicide.

At that point I had been living in the Seattle area for about a year and a half. I had never heard of either Kurt Cobain or Nirvana until that first news report of his death. I had vaguely heard of something called "grunge", but I knew very little about it beyond the name. To this day I would probably be hard pressed to identify grunge pieces from other forms of indie rock --- well okay, I guess I can identify REM now, but maybe REM isn't actually considered grunge; I don't know...

Nor do I remember exactly where I was when I heard that first news report --- most likely I was driving to or from work, since I never listened to the radio at any other time. The story made pretty much zero impression on me beyond the usual touch of sadness/tragedy/wasted-potential involved whenever someone I don't know senselessly dies at a fairly young age.

It wasn't until the following week when the various magazine cover stories started showing up that I began to understand that this wasn't actually just a local news story about some random teenager committing suicide. And, as time went on, I could only grow more and more amazed that someone whom I'd had absolutely no clue about whatsoever could have been so famous / so central to people's lives / so etc.

Never mind that I would not have remembered the date at all today were it not for the n other people on my Friends list posting entries about this. And since they probably wouldn't appreciate my putting this comment in their journals, I'll do it here instead.

Ok, so I live under a rock and am apparently not true Generation XTM (...even if I do satisfy Douglas Copeland's original definition of the term...).

Please don't hate me.
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