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"Gee, you ought to get that tuned." 
3rd-Mar-2004 03:14 pm
Well, it only took about 13 hours,

and I only broke one string. Well okay, last time around, I broke zero strings, that being the recommended number, seeing as fixing that sort of thing is definitely out of my league. Fortunately, it's way up near the top of the piano --- things had gone a bit flat there so I'm a bit surprised I didn't break more, but still, urg.

The C major and F major chords are to die for (K-III makes C-E a pure major third and F-A nearly so while F-C is a perfect fifth)

The rest of it sounds a bit wonky.

How much of this is
  1. old, crappy, upright piano, vs.
  2. non-ET tunings are inevitably going to sound weird if you've spent your whole life listening to ET, vs.
  3. no, I didn't actually get it right after all
is anybody's guess.

Well okay, I'm going to guess (3).
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