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a new life of crime

Just in case anybody was wondering about that section of S 180th Street in Tukwila between W Valley Road and 80th Ave that's closed to traffic because they're doing something to the railroad overpass, it's like utterly and completely closed; there isn't even a pedestrian path through there.

Never mind that none of the signs in the vicinity make any note of this (i.e., beyond "Road Closed", which usually just means that they don't want cars attempting to go through); nor does the Metro Bus schedule (hey, I figured I could save myself a bus leg by walking an extra quarter mile to get to the car-repair place...) say anything about it.

So how to I get through?
You go down to 196th.
Um. That's two miles.
You could also go north to Grady.
And how far is that?
Hm. That's three miles, actually.
So four mile round trip. Just to get to the car place on the other side of the tracks. You realize this is completely unreasonable, right?
You can't just escort me through?
Nope. And if we see you go through, we have to call the cops.
Okay. Thank you.

Suffice it to say, they didn't see me.

... except right towards the very end; the woman on the other side said something about calling the cops into her walkie-talkie, but I was already back on the sidewalk and heading out. The cops evidently had more important things to do that day.

Fuck you, Tukwila. No legal crossing for two miles in either direction and you couldn't be bothered to require the construction company to keep a pedestrian path open?

Actually, it was kinda fun.
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