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"Jim! The crew didn't leave. They're still here." (*)

Well okay, so that is what our den
(which we have not been using very much
for reasons that will shortly be apparent)
resembled. Cat pee is transcendently
evil when there's enough to crystalize.
It also does strange things to particle board;
admittedly that bookcase should be tossed
out anyway, though I'll be damned if I'm
to toss the Clavinova, too. White foam
emerged as enzymes went to work; I don't
believe this stuff suffices for the task.
I guess we will be shortly finding out.
Though Chloe's of an age where thinking out-
side of the box is more the rule and thus
it does not truly matter what we do.

Aw fuck, she peed on it again today.

(*) Star Trek "The Omega Glory" reference.
(that episode with 'Yangs' and 'Cooms' and "We
the People"; yes, feel free to throw up now).
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