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today's meeting

Good News
the Mercer Island school district now officially agrees that Philip is "developmentally delayed" and hence eligible for services, and evidently sufficiently so to be eligible for the summer program, too. If the doctor next month comes back with a diagnosis of genuine AutismTM, that'll be worth another hour or so each day.
Bad News
see above.

In all categories except for the motor stuff he's apparently <= -2σ (on the various standardized tests . . . at least in the cases where it was even possible to get any kind of score), and even for the motor stuff where he's only about -0.5σ there are still apparently things he should know how to do by now that he doesn't, e.g., jump up and down with both feet or throwing stuff --- of course, his dad never learned how to throw either (5th percentile in softball throw on the President's Physical Fitness test; go me!), but anyway...

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